ESC – Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

The pillars of operational efficiency, financial discipline, and social responsibility, supported by the best corporate governance practices and a robust socio-environmental management program, are the basis for generating value and sustainability.


  • Project for reactivating wind turbines with the potential to generate up to 30% of the energy consumed in the operation.
  • Installation of small thermoelectric plants and the provision of energy generation services from gas captured from wells and systems (gas-to-wire), minimizing the direct venting of gases to the atmosphere.
  • Oil-water separation plant, minimizing the disposal of fluids in underwater emissaries.


  • Economic development of municipalities highly dependent on activities related to the oil and gas chain, through local investment, job and income generation, as well as tax and royalty collection.

Corporate Governance

  • Governance structure that applies the best practices in conducting a business.
  • Adherence to B3’s Novo Mercado segment
  • Excellent and multicultural team
  • Installation of an Audit Committee and the establishment of internal audit and compliance structures